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    Open When does the season start?

    TAIAO is also aligned with UIL
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    JH and V Boys and Girls Games needed

    Hill County Wolves are looking to fill open dates in mid-December and January. We can travel within reason. Please contact Coach Knight 254-266-0702
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    Lingleville JH Tournament-Teams needed 1/19 &1/21

    Are you still needing JH teams?
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    Alternatives to HUDL

    They have a new feature where you can break down a play like John madden did on thanksgiving and send it coaches or players. They have a roku option where your team has their own roku channel
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    Alternatives to HUDL is very affordable and is easy to use. For 10 films it is free or for $100 its unlimited with play breakdowns etc.
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    Anton coach passed away

    Prayers from Whitney!
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    Basketball Games needed V and JH

    Hill County Wolves need basketball games. We can host in Whitney or travel. Varsity Boys and Girls Junior High Boys and Girls Contact Coach Knight 254-266-0702 call or text
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    Prayers for Mike and Family

    Prayers from Hillsboro !
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    Open Hill County

    Hill County Raiders looking for week 5 game. We are mainly freshmen and have 9 kids. Contact Coach Knight 2542660702 Thank you
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    Abilene ATX Flamingos

    ATX is an independent and not part of TAIAO
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    In TAIAO if they have graduated they are ineligible to play regardless of age. Even if they graduate at 16 they are ineligible.
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    Open JCSA needs week 1 JH

    JCSA needs a week 1 junior high game. Prefer to be against a B team since we are made up of a lot of 6th graders. Please text/call or email Coach Knight 2542660702
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    COACHES: Please enter your DCTF information

    I had to do it online at