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    Kress 2011 Baseball

    Kress still has a baseball team? I heard that the last Baseball Coach stated that Kress was killing the baseball program. Glad to hear that they are keeping it alive! I wonder how many 6-man schools in the Panhandle have baseball teams? Might be a good thing that you were told to look early...
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    New Picture to Name - Oct 17

    Let's hear the titles for this one:
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    Hunting Lease

    No wonder Granger was busy remodeling the Kitchen and House this summer. Congrats! If you need expert advice on rearing children, Be glad to help. I know nothing about that either :lol:
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    Name This Picture

    Life before Women suffrage!
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    Name This Picture

    Otay, Lets hear your suggestions: Before anybody gets offended, it is a picture that was taken of a farmer in Serbia.
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    Don't Cry Granger

    I think it is a mute point. It wont mean anything in a couple of years anyway when A-Rod breaks it!
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    Teams to watch for in 2007-2008 Season

    I know I am going to be watching McLean this year. They picked up a new coach with alot of experience! And the wind seems to be blowing in Kress. They cleaned house and brought in 2 new basketball coaches. Are the Kangaroos going to try and make a statement? Talking of new coaches, Claude...
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    Jayton HS--Head Football Coach Opening

    It's all in how you look at it! gotta live someplace. However, is it contigent that the coach has to take the housing? That would cause a rub for me.
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    Jayton HS--Head Football Coach Opening

    How do you expect to keep a coach when he can't go to the DQ and feed his family! :lol:
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    texas panhandle eat'n places

    Buddy's in Andrews - biggest plate of steak fingers in the State The Alley Cafe in Dumas - Whatever the special is....Can't go wrong. Also have to have the Coconut Cream Pie! Shirley B's in Anton (if still open) Leal's in Muleshoe Texas Burger in Midland Tacos Garcia in Amarillo