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    Need Game Dec. 6th

    Higgins ISD is needing several preseason games and a tournament for Varsiry. Thanks and God Bless! Coach Hester 808-752-2525
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    Congrats Strawn Greyhounds!!!

    Congratulations to both Strawn and Borden County on their State Championships, and Jonesboro and Balmorhea a great seasons. Entertaining games to watch.
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    25 Days of Champions -- 2013 Grandfalls-Royalty

    Saw the semifinal game in Muleshoe vs Follett. I had seen Follett play a few games that year with their stud named Dakota Woods. If Woods had not been on Follett's roster, I thought Grandfalls and Follett would be a good game, but with Woods I thought he was going to be the X factor, and...
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    25 Days of Champions -- 1995 Amherst

    He was a stud no doubt! Funny thing is that Shely ran him at spread back a lot, at least the game I saw, however at WT he probably gained another 20 or so lbs and played tail back at around 240. His running style was downhill similar to a Jerome Bettie style back. If you saw him in college you...
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    25 Days of Champions -- 1995 Amherst

    I was at West Texas A&M playing football when Dewayne showed up in the spring of 96, I was a red shirt soph., if memory serves me right. I believe he tried to walk on at Tech or something like that and had no offers to play ball anywhere. I assume Tech didn’t work out, and he ended up trying...
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    Every Richland Springs Loss Since 1994

    Truelly amazing run!
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    2017 -- Week 10 -- VARSITY FINALS ONLY

    Grady 58 Loop 12
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    SC Featured: 6Man

    Thanks for sharing!
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    SnapShot #s for Friday

    Loop 32
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    2017 -- Week 9 -- VARSITY FINALS ONLY

    Loop 68 Dawson 50
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    High Island

    Prayers yalls way
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    1st Day Numbers

    Loop has 11