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    Grand baby needs your intercession

    Thank you gentlemen. Haven completed her second round of treatments and was sent home this week for a twenty day break. She is physically weak but mentally and emotionally doing well. Thank you prayer warriors!
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    Blanket Boys Assistant

    Have VB will travel?
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    Be studs not duds

    Wow hadn’t been 30 minutes and I’m already getting blowback from people I thought I had a pretty good relationship with. One of them really took it hard. Said I sounded like a clown at a five year old’s birthday party. And one responder taunted me with words like Effeminate and pusillanimous...
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    Be studs not duds

    Gentlemen it is time to turn off the bad manners and employ characteristics more reflective of civilized folk. This site was never intended to be used as a sewage dump. All too often some of us —myself included —have responded with words more befitting the gutter than a football website. It is...
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    Grand baby needs your intercession

    One of my grand babies, Haven is fighting a life or death affliction that she’s been trying to overcome now for several months. T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma is her doctors’ diagnosis. She’s been under chemotherapy treatments now for about three months. Haven is a four year old child fighting...
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    Season went poorly... need some input on unbalanced I

    It’s the JBird Coach Use it wisely, not literally. It is a great deceptor.
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    Weight Equipment for Sale

    Can you send me two pictures of the GH bench and the leaper, please. You can send by text to 903-229-8497
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    SpringLake-Earth needs JV games

    SpringLake-Earth needs JV games for 9/3 and 10/15. Contact Israel De Leon @ 806-632-4410.
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    Kopperl Positions Available

    Have volleyball?
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    Strength and conditioning

    Some good additions: Five days instead of four Hour and a half sport specific training But if one of your athletes contracts covid-19 everyone in the group must quarantine for 14 days. Who gave the UIL this kind of authority!? That weight room is not the property of the UIL. I called them for...
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    White Deer Coach Needed

    Volleyball? ;) Just funnin ya. Everyone knows there’s no such thing in SwiftLand.
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    McCamey ISD(not sixman) HEAD VOLLEYBALL

    Hey hey hey, volleyball baby!!
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    Meadow HS Head Football Coach

    Any other positions available, say in admin?
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    Irion County - DC / Assistant BB and Track

    Forgive my ignorance, what is PL? Power Lifting? (:
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    Rotan ISD-Head Football

    Mr. Texlonghorn, your comment is insulting to all coaches, especially those who start their work day proving that the first prerequisite for achieving the highest level of coachingdom is to first be a great teacher. It is an essential! My friend, you do not know what your talking about.