Can District 14 cover the spread?

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Can District 14 cover the spread?

Postby BigCzech » Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:46 am

Looking over the predictions for District 14 I noticed that the spreads are very large. Everyone is picked to win, or lose, by at least 44 points this week. What do you think? I have listed my predictions below, I would love to see yours.

Aboott At Cransfills Gap - Abbott is favored by 45
I predict Abbott 64 - Gap 16 - Goes into the 3rd Qt

Aquilla At Milford - Milford is favored by 44
I predict Aquilla 36 - Milford 70 - Goes all 4 Qts

Jonesboro At Coolidge - Jonesboro is favored by 45
I predict Jonesboro 64 - Coolidge 24 - Goes all 4 Qts

Bynum at Gholson - Gholson is favored by 45
I predict Gholson 56 Bynum 12 - Goes all 4 Qts

Kopperl at Penelope - Penelope favored by 45
I predict Penolope 56 Kopperl 8 - Over at half
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Re: Can District 14 cover the spread?

Postby Kramer » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:29 am

I'll play along

Abbott at Cranfills Gap
First off, Why is a POWERHOUSE like Abbott playing Cranfills Gap
My score is, Abbott will have SEVERAL GAPS to score in tonight
Abbott by 45 point mercy rule at half

Aquilla at Milford
Aquilla i believe is good enough to finish 2nd place in this district
Milford by 40

Jonesboro at Coolidge
I don't believe Coolidge hasn't played ANYONE of this caliber in 8-10 years and it will show tonight.
Years past Coolidge has always beaten up on the weaker schools and always lost to the top 2 teams in their district.
This time, They've bitten of WAY more than they can chew
Jonesboro by 45 mid 3rd

Bynum at Gholson
Everyone bullies Bynum.
Gholson bullies bynum by 45

Penelope hosts Kopperl
2016 cinderella story is Penelope, when does the clock strike midnight. WELL NOT TONIGHT as Penelope steam rolls Kopperl by 45.
As the story goes for Cinderella, She lost a glass slipper, Well Penelope won't be leaving any cleats for Kopperl to bring back to PHS because those cleats will be on the field of play as those cleats will be scoring TD's
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