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Postby Dixon_Pattillo10 » Sat May 30, 2015 9:35 pm

Well put, John. The numbers speak for themselves.
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Re: Lets Get Started

Postby SFA » Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:36 am

Well as read the thread on this topic, I get a bunch a laughs out of what some of ya'll theories and ideas are on DIII. Im not gonna sit here and rank the top 10 but since ya'll are giving your thoughts, I might as well too. Each of us have our opinons based on where we live in the state and we should cause those are the teams we see play. Lets start with the final 2 from last year. Freddy is the champ and will be until somebody dethrones them. They should be right back in the mix again this year as they always are. I know they are losing some key players off that team but Shipman will have them ready to defend their title. People say Trinity was a one trick pony last year with that #15 kid at spreadback/QB and I agree he was was one heck of a player from when I saw them play but I don't think he did it all by his self. I saw other players on the field that were good too. Trinity is actually coming back loaded again this year and should win their district again and be contending for a run to Zephyr again. I don't think they are just one of those teams that just fade away after one year.

Now I am just gonna talk bout a few of these teams that have been mentioned in the previous post. I keep seeing WFC popping up. I happened to catch one of their games last year and I will say they have a couple of good athletes on that team that are coming back this year. But here is my issue with some yall ranking WFC in your top 5. Sweep right and Sweep left in a tight formation will not cut the mustard for a 6 man offense. It may beat some teams but your not gonna beat a sound 4-2 defense with that offense. It worked against Canyon Creek in their first playoff game but they got the doors blown off of them by Trinity and only scored 6pts in the next playoff game. Maybe they should look up north, oh say by the Canadian border for a coach that knows 6 man football and maybe then we can put them in the top 5. Not tring to knock ya WFC just giving my opinion.
Now for ND, I think they will win this district this year. Returning some good players this year and they always seem to be in the mix every year. Maybe this is the year they get over hump. We shall see. Not sure how Lubbock will do. Just know that they dealt with a lot of injuries last year. Maybe this year they get back on track.

As for the south, Freddy, Seguin ,and San Marcos. This district is just up for grabs. I would not want to have to compete in this district. District of doom right there. whoever comes out as the district champion deserves it. They will just beat the crap out of each other week in and week out once district play starts. But like I said earlier, Freddy is the champ so I will take Freddy to win this district.

District 2 with Granbury, Trinity, Canyon Creek, FWC, Brownwood, Heath Fulton, and now Athens Christian joins this district. (the way the teams are listed is not my predictions of how this district will end) This is a huge district! I think Granbury will have to recover form losing those seniors they had. #14 and #6 are big holes to fill in that offense for them. But as always Grandbury always finds a way to replace players and win. They have great coach that will have them ready to play every week. Trinity is my pick to win this district again. Losing some key seniors, but have some top players returning. #11 will be a workhorse for that team this year. I do believe he was first team all state on both sides of the ball last year. Coach Emerson will find a way to get this team back to the state championship game again this year. Canyon Creek could be the dark horse of this district. They have a lot of good players returning and may give Trinity a run for their money for the title. FWC lost a lot of their players due to graduation and I just don't see them doing much this year. Kinda rebuilding year for them I would think but what a nice run they had last year. Brownwood losing their coach for another job may hurt them. I don't see Brownwood doing much this year. Fulton from what I have heard has lost some their main players due to transferring to public schools so it could be another rough year for the Falcons. As for Athens, well good luck in this district.

Not really familiar with that Houston district with Brenham, Alvin and the others that are in that District. If I am correct none of these teams advanced past their first playoff game last year. So I guess I really don't see anybody competing for the state title out of this district but I could be wrong. Sometimes teams just come out of now where.

Well these are just my opinions and are not meant to be mean or to put any of these schools down. I just figured I would join in on the fun and give ya my thoughts.
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