Way Too Early State Predictions

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Re: Way Too Early State Predictions

Postby WarEagle » Wed Dec 18, 2019 8:51 pm

dalemurphy wrote:
CC0525 wrote:Please don't speak on anything you know nothing about. Summit is in the process of having two more teams join their district therefore would impede on the week 5 matchup. Every week prior is already filled. Move on.

I get it. We avoided games against Borden County and Garden City the past two seasons after two years of games against them- realizing our program simply is not on their level. Redistricting shouldn't be an issue for week 5, though. We are part of a 6 team district (just like we have been the past two years), and our district games begin week 7. Are you wanting multiple bye weeks?

It is probably a good thing we do not play the "Almighty Veritas" because I am sure #8 would be afraid and would probably not play because rumor has it the bully from the "Almighty Veritas" has left him with bed wetting issues. After all fragile little number #8 I am sure will spend all off season sitting on the couch eating bond bonds and playing video games and rocking himself to sleep thinking of the "Almighty Veritas".
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