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Bobcats and cowboys

PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:14 pm
by fajitapete
What can I say, this is a team that was 180 degrees opposite in attitude and actions. The team I watched Friday night is capable of going to the playoffs and going deep. Finally saw the team hit and hit again, saw them work together, saw them execute.

A lot of the pundits had Rule a 45 point underdog. This game should cause those to wake up and pay attention. Had this team played it's first two game in this manner they would be 3-0.

Lot more fan support than last week. Lets encourage friends and neighbors to make he next game. As near as I can tell, the last time the bobcats 45'd someone was Paint Creek in 2009. Like a wolf brand chili line - thats too long.

I look forward to the next 45, this week ! wear the blue and be there, support these young men and show your support for the school.