Baytown Christian 8-0 vs Conroe Covenant 8-0

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Re: Baytown Christian 8-0 vs Conroe Covenant 8-0

Postby Bearkat13 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:02 pm

I don't think it's one-sided because I thought both teams did really well. I'm not sure what happened with #8 when you're saying stepping punching and kicking, but I did see the refs talk to him about it towards the end of the game. I saw gestures when they were talking about it, but I wasn't sure what they were saying and I'll admit that I did miss that play. My apologies there. What I saw for the first two quarters was #21 hitting and pushing #8 the first half of the game, even after 21 would score a TD. But I also saw # 6 get face masked without the refs calling it and hes targeted each week as well,and he kept his cool. I was also referring to only rushing touchdowns, not passing. I didn't mean to offend anyone at all, I was just responding to the question about players that stood out this week. I truly apologize if any offense was taken.That was not my intention.
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Re: Baytown Christian 8-0 vs Conroe Covenant 8-0

Postby SicEm74 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:50 pm

Bearkat, I'll have to agree with 4-2...calling a kid out is never a good luck. The games I attended for Baytown have not supported your claim. For him to behave in a manner in which you claim has to have a cause.
Like I said, both teams played hard. We as spectators don't know what is being said to a kid or done to a kid that we are not privileged to know.

Again, I've seen many a posters from all corners of the state advise poster to keep the post about the game and not comment on the kids. Let the coaches address any "character" issues.

Lastly, good luck to Conroe and Baytown in the playoffs. Conroe is a strong bet to contend for the D1 title and Baytown is a strong contender for the D2 title.
What a statement for that district!
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Re: Baytown Christian 8-0 vs Conroe Covenant 8-0

Postby Mr Jones » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:17 pm

Bearkat13 wrote:#6 and #21 were pretty even this game...... #21 shoved and hit quite a few of his opponents after the play was over because they didn't make it easy for him. It's sad that such a talented player showed such poor character during one of the biggest games of the season....

Give me a break. I saw and scouted the game. Seems like you are a bit faint of heart to good football and competition. You are very incorrect in your analysis of after the play actions of BCA's #21. He is a competitor at football and an all state basketball all player. I have seen him play this and last year and never have had a negative impression of his play on the field between and after the whistle.

What you see and heard should be accounted for here in an accurate way. Sounds like you are a Conroe fan that was handed your first season loss. Fact is, Conroe has never even come close to competing with BCA. They have been 45'd in 2012 and 2013 and beaten soundly in 2016.

It was a hard fought, clean game and both sides are to be congratulated. It was BCA's night. Take your loss like a man and move on.
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