rating the Pies

Traveling across the state of Texas can make a fan hungry. Share where you think the best places to eat are on the way to/from a game.

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rating the Pies

Postby fajitapete » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:58 am

Frito Pie Grading guidelines:
1. The boat/bag: Size does matter, tiny Frito pies are an abomination to football fans, they might be ok for pre-k and kindergarten kids but big football fans like big volume. But traditional serving in the bag gets points for respecting the tradition.

2.Fritos: Thats right Fritos, those wonderful crunchy golden fried corn curls. Nacho rounds and scoops are not designed for Frito pie, they might 'work' but then that's not the spirit of Frito pie

3.Cheese: Not petroleum based nacho squirt, cheese, real cheese, grated or shredded, if the Chili is hot enough the cheese will melt and there is always the microwave warm up.

4.Chili: Hotdog sauce is not chili, wolf brand is the standard, chunky, meaty, thick. Of course extra points of homemade chili, and extra points for venison chili. Beans do not belong in the chili that goes on a Frito pie.

5.Onions: Chopped onions, red is better than white and white is better than yellow but onions are required. Heck you going to sell hotdogs and hamburgers?, you need onions on them as well.

6.Peppers: Sliced jalapeños are the standard, they serve double duty by going on the nacho's and burgers so make them available for the pies. Fresh can work but sometimes it's hard to get the heat right. If peppers are not available Tabasco sauce is needed. got to have some fire on cold game nights.

7.Options: No accounting for taste so if you want to make some options available I'll give consideration but most likely will not put them on my pie. Options like chopped tomatoes, sour cream, chives, olives and what ever.

8.Paper towels or napkins, in a word, needed, frito pies are not finger food, messy but well worth the trouble but let's get that pie hole cleaned up after chowing down on the stuff.

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