Compfort Food

Traveling across the state of Texas can make a fan hungry. Share where you think the best places to eat are on the way to/from a game.

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Compfort Food

Postby 51eleven » Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:18 pm

I know they're not good for you and only have one every 3-6 months but I love a good Chili cheeseburger.
Today the wife left to help prepare for the daughter's wedding Sunday. I went to the local branch of a regional favorite called Grumps. Toasted buns, fresh ground beef, fresh veggies, 1/2" thick hand made patties cooked to a light crispiness on the outside. The swiss & mushroom is excellent.
Had not had the chili burger in a year or so. Had forgot I wasn't going to again because the chili is kind of grainy tasting like they put oatmeal or something in it. Not wolf brand's now pork and beef, or hormel's runnny stuff but still not very good. My fault.
Also my fault, I said with onions. The lady said it comes with mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Bells went off in my head, mayo, not mustard, No Pickles (if you like pickles that' your problem, my son loves them). The lettuce and tomato went whoosh, right over my head thinking of the tasty treat ahead.
I love tomatoes. Tomatoes or lettuce do not belong on a chili cheese burger. I was able to pull them off without too much damage.
Of course as with many things the best I've ever had is a home made grilled burger with home made chili.
Sonic will do in a pinch. They only put on enough chili to flavor it & it's better than a plain sonic burger.
I don't want to know what kind of chili they use, it doesn't taste bad. But I've made the same mistake there and not been emphatic, with the same results. (For me) I ONLY want chili, cheese, onions and mayo on it. NO lettuce, tomato, mustard or pickles. It's all my own fault.
I need an alkaseltzer or rolaids.
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