Trent c-stand review

Traveling across the state of Texas can make a fan hungry. Share where you think the best places to eat are on the way to/from a game.

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Trent c-stand review

Postby fajitapete » Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:01 pm

What can I say, be sure to take lots of extra dollars when you go visit the c-stand. I had to buy cake raffle tickets, a Trent stretchy bracelet, and a chance to win a cooking grill before I was allowed to buy Frito Pie and coffee.

Hey, it's all good, the money goes to different class projects and I don't mind.

The Frito pie was good. Decent size, lots of chili, some pbcs, but all the japs you want and do it yourself onions. (sliced for the burgers). 2 buck Charlie, good buy, good taste and it went with a good game.

Trent and Loraine tied for the best 6-man chili pie experience so far this year. - at least from my view :)

also - the nice lady that waited on me - super nice person, a young raffle peddler said something her about being a 4th grade teacher.
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