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Postby 51eleven » Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:29 pm

Strawn Greyhounds thanks for all the hard work you have put in to get this far. So many out there never experince the feeling of where your at right now. Even as a just a fan who used to live there I'm excited for you. If I remember right Cole & Bobby got to suit out for the 2009 State Semi game. Most of the rest of you were probably there watching like me.
I know Coach Lee, P & D will have you focused. I'm sure you already know you'll be playing in front of a lot more fans than ever before. Don't let that distract you. Remember about half those people will be yelling in support of you, they "have you back" so to speak. Ignore or forget about 99% of what you might have read on here. We're mostly a bunch of old guy's wishin we could stll play. You've probably heard or read about how great Richland Springs is. Well they are expertly coached. Just Like You. Overall I don't think they are any bigger, faster, or especially tougher. Listen to the Coaches, focus, execute. Everybody knows GATA means Greyhounds Are Totally Awesome (hmph) so GATA, GATA, GATA and go Make A Difference !!! See ya Saturday.
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