What is going on here??

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What is going on here??

Postby SiXmAnMaDnEsS » Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:48 am

Okay, I will admit it. I like McLean and Happy. Both these are small teams that I used to LOVE to watch. At one time, they were both very talented. But both are down. Along with Miami. And Hart.....

But anyways. I have watched Mclean, Happy, and Miami close. And I think I have it figured out. Miami is top dog of the three. Hands down. They still have an amazing running game. But, their defense, a bit weak. I watched Happy play Kress. Their quarterback can flat throw a ball and have a center who can lay the wood.. And finally, Mclean. They are way down. Now they have athletes, but not a very good scheme. I have a buddy from Silverton that watched them play. He said that they started strong. They had a qb who was decent as well he said. But he told me their weak links was they refused to pass it, and the only touchdown they scored was a passing td.

So these are my favorite teams in this district. And I say Miami and their great runnningbaack pulls it out. But will Mclean figure out a scheme? Will Happy keep strong? Let's find out.
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