District Predictions

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District Predictions

Postby badgercountry » Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:44 am

I'll go ahead and start this one, but I'm biased, so please understand.

Calvert should win this district with relative ease. They bring back too much and should look to make a very deep playoff run. If their coach learned from his first year, they have the potential and roster to play into December. He got his feet wet last year, now it's time to relax and juts coach the boys.

Buckholts should take second and continue their playoff trend. With Coach Satcher gone, and Coach Ruzicka coming in, the Badgers will need to establish an identity early in the season. With Jonesboro and Coolidge on the schedule, we will be tested early. I look for Buckholts to make the playoffs with a 7-3 record, but don't see High Island or Prairie Lea posing too much of a threat. Ironic twist - if Buckholts gets second in their district and Mount Calm wins their district, there's a good chance we'll see Coach Satcher in the first round of the playoffs.

High Island should take third in the district, but will be better than last years record. They have several coming back and pose a serious threat to the Badgers for that second spot.

Prairie Lea is in a tough spot, as their numbers will always hurt them. They have a couple players, but in this district, they're just good enough to get blanked.

1. Calvert
2. Buckholts
3. High Island
4. Prairie Lea
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Re: District Predictions

Postby schwartz » Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:57 pm

Coach Schwartz is now the new Head Football Coach in Prairie Lea. Be ready!
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Re: District Predictions

Postby RogueEconomist » Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:24 am

1-Calvert walk in the park
2-Buckholts Changes staff and teachers every year it seems, thus no program ever gets built.
3-H I Could win 2nd
4-PL Unknown
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Re: District Predictions div 1 district 15

Postby Savoy Football » Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:08 am

Anyone have any thoughts on div 1 district 15?
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