Summer Pole Vault Camps

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Summer Pole Vault Camps

Postby CoachBJackson » Tue May 14, 2019 2:42 pm

This year at the state meet I noticed every almost every vaulter had a club coach in the stands and I began to realize that 90% of highschool vaulters are on there own and have no real coaching help from school coaches. After several of my kids competed well I was asked if I would host or run some summer pole vault camps, So I am reaching out to the sixman community and would like to hold a camp in each region. If your school would like to be a host sight please contact me so I can make preparations to set up with your school my cell is 2147735815.
Each athlete fee will be $50 unless it is a host school athlete in which case the fee will be $25 per athlete. If a school or athlete chooses to purchase a pole new or used that athletes camp fee will be credited to his or hers pole purchase.

The camps will be 2 days Friday and Saturday 8am-12pm.

I Will Bring 60+ poles with me for athletes to use ranging from 80lbs to 200lbs from 9'ft to 16ft bungie's and cross bars.

I will need the host school to provide standards and pit.
If at all possible schools or comunities that have a 10ft deep pool will be the best sites as it will allow us to fully invert and have no risk of injury.

The focus of the camp will be drills that the most basic or advanced vaulters can do and benefit from. We will spend special focus on drills any coach can safely replicate.
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