Kick Catch Interference on an Onside?

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Re: Kick Catch Interference on an Onside?

Postby JasonTX » Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:12 pm

shreaky wrote:I think free kicks - particularly on-side kicks in 6-man - need to have the rules modified for the safety of the players. I realize football is a violent game, but on-side kicks can be deadly.

I'm with you here. Onside kicks in sixman are nerve wrecking for an official. The ball bouncing around, Team A flying, Team B going for the ball, somebody touches it, but who? All mayhem. Kick that sucker deep.
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Re: Kick Catch Interference on an Onside?

Postby Dusty Britches » Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:57 pm

I watched a game Friday night where the kicking team blocked the receiving team well before the ball went 15 yards. The 5th time, the line judge threw a flag and the ref blew it of. Couldn't believe it. A very effective way to recover an onside kick when all the receiving team members in the area of the ball are lying on their backs.
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Re: Kick Catch Interference on an Onside?

Postby HisTeam » Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:33 am

I found this from last year:

rickref72 wrote:
PopRay wrote:So what the ref is saying then is...iffin the kicking team touches the ball before it go 15 yards...they get a free shot at whomever they want to smack....
You get to keep the ball as the receiving team where they(the kicking team) touched it provided it doesn't go the required 15 yards..but you don't get an extra penalty yards for the extra contact...

I respectfully disagree with the way you put it. A "free" shot is not valid view to this at all. It is a football play. Kicking teams may not initiate a block on receiving team players unless they have become eligible to touch it. Meaning either Recievers touch it or the ball has traveled 15 yards . Blocking prior to this is a 5 yard penalty. I just never see teams thinking they will touch a free kick short and go block someone. That makes no sense.

A caveat. Kicking team members could do something stupid and committ a personal foul in many ways coming down on these types of kicks. Head hunting with a purpose and doing something outside the scope of the rules. Examples - blocking a kid below the waist, leading with helmet, a straight up tackle or hold. There is no yardage restriction with regards to the ball etc on this type of action and in the play example would place the ball back 15 on a new kick. Or coaches choice to take at the spot. I saw this once in a six man game years and years ago. Team was way ahead against a rival and only cared to hit during the kick as no one went for the onside kick. One kid went for a kids knees and we DQ'ed him. It was flagrant with intent to hurt someone. We had no other issues after that.

Maybe some help in clarification?
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Re: Kick Catch Interference on an Onside?

Postby rickref72 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:40 am

A few points to remember on kick rules.
1. Kicking team may not initiate a block until they legally can recover. This is usually two things either team B touched the ball or the ball traveled the 15 yards needed for the klckers to legally recover.
2. The kicking team may also not "initiate" a block.
3. KCI protection only applies to kicks in the air or that have bounced only once as stated before now.

In this case it sounds as if the kick was a typical onside. Ball rolls around on the ground and a front line rec team member tries to come up and field it. If he was contacted legally, or not VIA a personal foul then it is simply an illegal block. Only a 5 yard penalty enforcement ie dependant on the result of the play. To me sounds like a misapplication of the KCI rule but possibly was a foul for illegal block. This can be mixed up by newer officials.
"Exact same play, exact same result against us during week 2. Did not agree with it. If the player comes up to receive a bouncing kick he gives up the 15 yard protection." This is not entirley true and subject to rules and judgement. See above. If a player steps up to field teh ball on contcat is made from a kicking team member, judgement on that contcat has to be made. Was it to field the loose ball or block a player off the ball. If a block then as officials we have to know if it had touched the return team members or not or did it pass 15 yards. If none of that is met and he was blocking then we have a foul. A safe assumption is 90% of the time you have a couple of guys going for a ball and they make contact. Also if REC players step up to meet kickers on an onside we usually are not inclined to peg illegal blcoks on the kickers. Again we are looking for the kickiers to initiate.
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Re: Kick Catch Interference on an Onside?

Postby VanguardVikings » Sat Nov 08, 2014 12:38 pm

Thanks for the clarification rick. I believe the thing I did not agree with was the 15 yard penalty that we received from this. I think you're right, most of the time it's simultaneous contact because kids are going for the ball. Since this is such a prevalent play in sixman there should be an emphasis on getting it correct.
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