last week of the regular season

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Re: last week of the regular season

Postby MilfordInsider » Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:59 pm

Just a couple of things...
Since when is stating facts “excuses”. Yes Milford had multiple starters out when we played Whitedeer. Yes on THAT DAY Whitedeer was the better football team. Yes Strawn came to our house and beat us. Yes we had multiple starters out when Strawn beat us. Yes on that day they were better than us.

Correct me if I’m wrong but if you lose a game or two before district even starts does that mean your season is over with? Does that mean your overrated? Does that mean you can’t win a state title? Well, if that’s what that means to you good folks then you go ahead and count Milford out. But I promise you something that’s something I will never do.

Say what you want about Milford football or Milford athletics but there’s no denying that we aren’t afraid to schedule ANY team in the state and play them anywhere at anytime. Look at our schedule for the last 4 years, it’s a gauntlet EVERY SEASON. Our goal isn’t to be the best team in week 5 or 6. Our goal is to be the best football team come December. Yes sometimes losses are needed to expose your weaknesses and show what needs to be worked on for you to become the best team possible.

Now this Friday night we go to Avalon and we’re trying to win out 5th straight district title. Think what you will but I’m just here to tell you that our boys will be ready to play and I for one sure am fired up! This is the best time of the year folks. Goodluck to all and.... let’s go dawgs! #OnePackOneGoal
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