How good can a team be?

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Re: How bad can a team be?

Postby sixman Dad » Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:53 pm

TebowTime15 wrote:
Superjrj wrote:Just to add my two cents worth. When the rankings are produced its with the assumption that the team is going to be playing! So when the first spreads come out you can only expect it to be the way they were rated! It will be a couple of weeks for the spreads to level themselves out. I’m sure that it was never intended to belittle embarrass or by any means hurt any team. When teams in six man play one year there is no guarantee that they will play the following year. Look at Harold and several private schools just don’t have the numbers.

This is off-topic, but wasn't Harrold the school that got national attention because they let the teachers carry firearms? If so, their superintendent seemed like a cool dude.

Yes Tebow that is the school! They were one of the first schools to use the guardian program!
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