Water Valley Needs Week 2

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Re: Water Valley Needs Week 2

Postby Johnny South » Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:02 pm

So much for that idea Smokey!
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Re: Water Valley Needs Week 2

Postby 51eleven » Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:59 pm

smokeyjoe53 wrote:
BURKHART wrote:Coach Hayes please call me.


Coach Burkhart

Did this work out? .............
Yes, a reverse hijack................

Where's the game to be played, what time, so some of these yahoos can shut up?
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Re: Water Valley Needs Week 2

Postby TebowTime15 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:50 pm

CoachDennis wrote:
TebowTime15 wrote:This is such a stupid discussion! This argument that Richland "is scared to play good teams" always seemed silly to me. Furthermore, why would another coach, Cherry, Rigdon, Rogers, or anyone else, keep a policy presumably implemented by Jerry Burkhart? Maybe Vladimir Putin made them do it?

Can Coach Ridgon show the text messages? While it would depend whether it violates FERPA, I doubt it does to be honest since the privacy of students is not involved with the disclosure. In Texas, you can record an all adult conversation as long as you participate in it.

Either way, there is no reason to show text messages and potentially embarrass anyone because this whole argument is idiotic. If anyone really thinks Richland is scared of another school, what if I told you there was a rumor Ethridge's senior year that the team that got 2nd in Richland's district, who was damn good by the way, thought about forfeiting THE DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP GAME to avoid injury. Although Richland hasn't been quite that good lately, not only are they not scared but many other schools are scared of them.

TebowTime15 I don’t know who you are, but you have no idea what you are talking about. That was never even a thought. Find a different source for your information.

Well I know who you are: the head coach of the team I referred to.

Since you made an issue of it:

1. I made it 1000% clear it was a rumor someone told me over 10 years ago. While I am not going to sit here and say it 100% happened or even likely happened, I hope you aren't implying that I made it up because it swirled around the central Texas sixman community.

2. Since we are getting technical, I was told you, the coach, were the one that wanted to forfeit and the players threatened to revolt on you.

3. I didn't even say the name of the school or any names involved because I am using the example to refute the notion that Richland is scared of other schools. If we are being honest with ourselves, we both know Richland Springs was insanely scary back then.

While I don't mean any disrespect to you or anyone else, I don't think I am out of line saying that I heard a rumor.

EDITED: I took some of the snark out because you chose not to 45 me.
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Re: Water Valley Needs Week 2

Postby Roughrider » Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:52 am

River Crossing Homeschool Co-Op out of Marshall, Tx needs to fill a home game ASAP! Thursday September 12th @7-7:30 pm @ East Texas Baptist University in Marshall. We are a brand new team willing to play varsity or JV. NEED TO FILL THIS SPOT ASAP! This is a great opportunity to play at a beautiful stadium on a turf field! please call Kensie Sloan at 903-930-4472
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Re: Water Valley Needs Week 2

Postby WV Backer » Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:20 pm

The game with Veribest is back on. 7:30 Friday night in Veribest.
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