Coach Profile: Clint Lowry – Blackwell

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Coach Profile: Clint Lowry – Blackwell

Postby granger » Fri Sep 07, 2018 6:59 am


Clint Lowry – Blackwell
Head Coaching History: Sands: 2000, 2001; Grandfalls-Royalty: 2002-06; Brookesmith: 2007, 2008; Rising Star: 2009-2011; Blackwell: 2013-present
Head Coaching Record: 111-85
High School Attended: Gordon, Class of 1976
-Football in HS: Yes; QB/LB
College(s) Attended: Tarleton State
-Football in College: No; Track & Field, pole vault, two years (freshman & sophomore)
Preferred Offensive Set: Unbalanced Line
Preferred Defensive Set: 3-3

LS: Who would you say were/are the coaches that were your mentors and had the most impact on you as a coach?
CL: My dad (Boyd Lowry long time HC at Gordon) will be one of the of course and Vance (Jones) would be one, and Harvey Wellman. Vance and Wellman I probably learned as much as I possible could from those guys in person or on the phone and I can call them any time.

LS: If you could tell first year head coach Clint Lowry something what would it be?
CL: It ain’t as easy as you think it is, and don’t be afraid to ask people questions because you don’t know everything you think you do.

LS: Having been a great player in high school, is it easier or harder than going on and trying to be a great coach?
CL: Depends on the person. Some coaches that were former players struggle a bit because they expect too much. But I do think if you played and coached six-man it helps, it has its pluses, but you can let your ego get in the way.
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Re: Coach Profile: Clint Lowry – Blackwell

Postby TebowTime15 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:56 am

Vance Jones mentored a ton of coaches and pretty much shaped sixman football west of the Pecos; you could almost compare him to Andrew Jackson in terms of disciples. Jackson mentored future Presidents Martin Van Burern, James K. Polk, James Buchannan and the "George Washington of Texas," Sam Houston. I bet the J-Bird works better in an area (IE: Blackwell) where not as many teams run it.
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